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DDU Alumni Association AGM 2013

IMG_3090The DDU Alumni Association had its 16th Annual General Meeting on 23rd April, 2013. Like every year, numerous proud alumni of DDU congregated to contribute to their almamator through the Alumni Association. The AGM was presided over by Prof. C.P. Patel – Vice Preseident DDUAA, Dr. P.A. Joshi, General Secretary, DDUAA, Prof. D.G. Panchal, Dean, Faculty of Technology, DDU and Mr. Jaymin Vasa, Committee Member, DDUAA. Heads of various departments and faculty members also graced the gathering with their presence. The talks in the AGM comprised of – the minutes of previous year’s AGM, statement of funds for year 2012-13 of the DDUAA, and conferring the Outstanding Alumnus Award. The¬†Outstanding Alumnus Award for this year was conferred on Mr. Bhupendra D Dalwadi , Mr Harshil Badami and Mr.Kapil Bansal for their noteworthy contribution to DDU and the Alumni Association.

IMG_3102Besides this, the Alumni Association also launched its revamped website – http://ddualumni.org .At the end of the meet, Mr. Jaymin Vasa (Committee Member, DDUAA) talked about bridging the gap and talent pool and urged the alumni present to do their part for the same.

The AGM was followed by a small Entertainment Program in which a local orchestra performed old Hindi songs and popular Gujarati gazals. The entertainment program was followed by a sumptuous dinner.

Overall, the 16th AGM was a good gathering for the alumni present. The Alumni Association looks forward for active participation from all its alumni in the subsequent gatherings.

The pictures of AGM – 2013 :

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